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Serving Since 1976 :-

well established elevator maintenance contractor since 1976.

Annual Maintenance Contractor

tickWe provide safe elevator service & maintenance Contract (AMC) which play significant role in increasing life of an elevator, as elevator is an output of Electronic, Electrical & Mechanical Technologies.

Customised Design

tickWith thousands of finishes to choose from, the design possibilities are endless. Whether you choose from one of our standard cab packages or a full custom design, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Installation and Un-Installation

tickBright Elevators installation is evident with its fast & on-time schedule delivery of mechanical & semi-electrical installations along with professional coordination on site & progress reporting to its business partners by utilizing experienced team of installers backed up with senior engineers & managers, who ensures the quality and the safe operations together.

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Our Best Services for Elevator Manufacturers Khar Road West

We are Providing Best in Class Elevator Repair & Installation Services

Passenger Elevators

If your building has more than G + 2 floors you will probably want to consider an electric traction elevator. Traction elevators are better suited for taller buildings, since they are capable of much greater speeds and heights.

Luggage Elevators

We square measure alright far-famed within the domain of providing product Elevator to the shoppers. These product elevators square measure used for carrying the serious Associate in Nursingd alternative hundreds in an economical manner from one location to a different.

Hospital Elevators

These are passenger elevators but the cabin interior sizes are specially designed to allow stretchers to fit comfortably. Besides this, exceptionally smooth travel, exact matching with landing levels & minimum down-times are some of the features which classifies it as a Hospital Elevator.

Home Lifts

We excel in offering attractive range of home lifts that find application in modern residential buildings. We offer customization on the basis of varied parameters such as size, finishes and designs as per drawing or customer requirement.

Dumb Waiters

We provide a complete line of standard and custom residential and industrial dumb waiters for home or industry to suit your needs. In addition to this time saving appliance, our Residential Elevator can add value to your home and replace old manual dumbwaiters.

Staircase Lifts

Stair lifts are mainly intended to take persons up the staircase with the ease of usability. The stair lifts are mainly utilized by the people confined to a wheel chair or who have knee problems or other medical conditions which make staircases difficult to climb.

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